Ivan Lee

Ivan Lee

Curious Nerd. 🤓

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Who Am I?

Curious: I’m intrigued by the interdisciplinary. I enjoy learning about everything from filmography to gastronomy, from political journalism to ludology. I love how seeing how different fields have evolved and examining how I can apply practices from one to the other.


Nerd: Pastimes include ultimate frisbee games, escape rooms, chess, League of Legends, and board games.


🤓: Professionally, I’m a product person. I enjoy thinking about technology that doesn’t yet exist to further enhance our lives. I combine the fields of engineering, design and business to create new products.


Fresh Off the Press


World-Building in the 21st Century

In our evermore digitized connection to the world, is there still a time and space to hang out in person?

10 Lessions from Loki Studios

In 2010, I co-founded Loki Studios with some friends. We raised some money and built a game ... This article details some of the top lessons from those 2.5 years.

Jarvis2 (1).png

Finding Jarvis: An Insider’s...

A peek at the opportunities and the challenges in this increasingly popular space, along with some predictions of the coming year.